Wednesday, August 6, 2008

my world...

Last week I collected my year 11 students’ books for marking. What follows is a verbatim excerpt from one of their responses to the question of how they identify themselves.

How do I identify myself?

i am a gud person, i’m adorable even if im ugly i love people who treats me gud and i also love the ones who treats me bad because they show me how life is. i don’t lyk school but it’s the must going to school because i don’t want to end up in the street there are sumthings that im good at but i haven’t seen them yet and im also a loving passionate Boy. I have a gud heart in people but i also have a bad sight but show them when you make me. My dream is to be a drug lord and make the world mine.

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Justin said...

Hi Alex its Justin (U FOR SCUBA) ha ha. I was just wondering if I could buy you a coffee sometime? I know this is a bit weird but it was worth trying, my email is I really hope to hear from you soon. p.s. sorry but this was the only way I could contact you :)