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Oooo baby baby its a wild word...

On small bits of paper I wrote an assortment of random words for a poetry assignment. Students picked one word out of a hat, which formed the title of their poem, to be interpreted as they liked. Once completed, I read the poems to the class anonymously. They absolutely loved it. Below are some examples of the fruits of their labour. Bon appetit!


It is better to have seen and tasted
then to never have tasted or seen

So come come and taste
the sorrow and everlasting pain of
my heart and soul

Now is the time
To be licking your fingers in joy

This opportunity comes only one a lifetime

So taste the emotions and feelings
of those around you

Taste the joy and peace
You have taken from nature



like birds singing to
the ocean’s children, flowing in
and out
of their sea home

smell of nagging ghosts’ puke
wakens me from my nightmare
while few focus favoring my fantasy
and my screams bark more and more towards
my awareness

I limit my desire to rejoice
my fearless dreams to which
I turn as a lonely person who
believes the only limit is the sky


I am here with a purpose
A purpose with reason
You will never pause the peace that I live with
I am who I am
I can’t change
I will live deadly on earth
I know me but I never
see myself
I can hear a calling but
I’m death and now
I can walk without feet
I am on earth with a reason


How can you live without food?
Is there any hope of living?
Is there any end of this road?
Sometimes I ask myself these questions
What am I want to be?

I wanted to become something
I knew nothing about
If you are living
You have to come up with
What you are ready to be

Try not to think about your life
And what holds you down
Try to say in fact:
Is there any crime in doing that?
What you want
You can get


Draw a picture inside me
Drawing the loneliness and pain I feel
Drawing me as a picture
Drawing with my imagination
Drawing my weakness and my strength
But not knowing I’m 
being judged

Drawing my life inside me
Drawing my teenagehood but
Not knowing I’m still a child

Drawing my family
but not knowing they kept secrets from me
Draw my sadness
but not knowing I’m drawing my happiness
Draw my bad memories
but not knowing I’m creating new good ones

That is my drawing!


The clock was ticking
til it stops at five
o’clock in the morning

the alarm was singing
til it wakes me up
to wash getting ready for

I ran liked a chased cheetah
to the bus stop to catch
my five thirty bus
but I smelled the
smell of tar that told me that
the bus had left

I was the bus stop’s best customer
but that time
I was five minutes late


My Last voices
My message of
victory spinning
the wind.
My Last songs
burning pure glory
of smoke.
My Last words
written by the
gift of the magic.
Listen to them
to represent a
new story.
For your ways
to drizzle compassion
as the snow
flowing along the mountains
Don’t miss this
chance and contain
the new light.


A shelter is a nice place to be
You hide from the world
and your debts.

The poverty is built and watched by
people who invade other people’s
privacy and problems.

Shelter is like an umbrella protecting from
all your enemies
creatures of the outside world.

It is the cover of all problems,
the protector from all seasons,
a shoulder to cry on. It is the key and
the place where people unite.
It flicks all the problems inside to the
It is a nice place to be.


Shoes are our feet
Shoes are our walk
Can we go places with
bare feet?
Shoes cover
our feet and make
our feets warm

Sometimes shoes help
to cover our ugly toes
That’s what I like about

They even help during winter season
to keep our feet from getting


Bright yellow
The colour of peace
and happiness in SA
Like a sunflower under
The rise of a

The big yellow sun
hugging and giving
light and warmth
to the amazing people
of this motherland

Let yellow spread
Let peace spread
throughout SA
and flick the
light of peace
to everyone
even the


Don’t make a sound
be brave yet
don’t be too proud

Quiet because the power
of no sound gives life
and education which is
sharper than a knife

The voiceless sound of
abused children
sounding pain
as my veins
pumped hatred
I was Quiet

They who have power
have sound
but they who are poor
make no sound but are proud

Quiet like a cheetah
ready to prey upon
the weaker
yet no sound is made
be Quiet

Be Quiet just for a moment…
and when your voice sounds
the nation must listen


You never know
what tomorrow brings
for you and me

You wake up
We wake up
Asking yourself
What tomorrow brings
for me and my
great grand children

What tomorrow brings
for the world of
my great grand children

What the leaders
of this nation can
bring tomorrow

What will tomorrow
bring for me and
my nations

Yesterday I was free from Apartheid
But tomorrow I will be free
from Poverty

What will tomorrow bring
for me and you


Once I found out
that I have the right
not just any right
the human right

The right to get a good education
The right to a safe and comfortable home
The right to be protected from harm
The right to be proud of my customs

Now my life is bright
It’s not like the darkness at night
It has the colour of peace, white
Yes, that’s right

Because I know my right
I feel like I could shine like the sunlight
now that I know my right
not just any right
the human right


Why should I cry
Why are my tears so heavy?
When my enemies see me
they will just cry

Sleeping with a painful heart
Simple means my girlfriend hurts me
I’m supposed to cry
Because my feelings won’t let my thoughts go
back to sleep


Home Sweet Home
Every time i wonder
Every time i cry
For those who don’t
have homes

Home is where the
heart of the nation is molded
and where children reap the
sweetness of wisdom
granted to them as freedom
Home Sweet Home

Home is sweet
Every one has a
right to have home
Home Sweet Home

(Written by a student who has recently been left homeless when a fire destroyed the her family’s shack)


Ask me to love you
Ask me to make love to you
Ask to touch your body
Ask me anything about love
Ask me, why don’t you ask me?

Ask me to get your attention
Ask me to save you
Ask me to save our love
the silent love
Ask me anything
Ask me, why don’t you ask me?


The stone
when thrown into the river
creates waves.

I speak poetry
when I speak poetry I create waves
I do make a difference
cause when I speak poetry
I create waves
The stone
when thrown into the river
creates waves.


Sometimes all it takes
to improve your life
is deciding which beliefs do not save you
and certainly
changing your mind about them.

Choose beliefs
that serve the grand dream
of who you want to be
and still hope to be
in the darkness

Never give up
for that is just the
place and time
that the tide will turn
and light will shine down on

Just hope


Will shall forgive those who harm us
You will hear voices screaming WE WANT

But the white man has no sorry for black
we may forget about apartheid
forget what happened yesterday
focus on today

forget how we were treated
forget about Mandela in prison
forget about Hector Pieterson
Will shall forgive but we shall never

I have this Gift
I got from my grandparents

The Gift that can
make my life and
dreams come true

I walk to the street
People tell me about
this Gift this is my
Life my dream

This Gift that
can make the world
a better home for

This is my Gift
is my dream
my Gift is
my future


The black skin
my parents gave
me made me

The beauty that
makes the nation

The green of Nature
and the blueness of
the sky

Yellow for the mellow
colour is made by the
rainbow to give meaning
to the star

Yet bold to give rise
and shine

Colour tells a story
it shares movements
it feels pain

I am black
this colour says
a lot!


Reading is the light of my life

Read in order to lead
Don’t speed
If you do it
Can’t be good indeed

Don’t smoke weed
or you shall be
lazy to read

The seed mother
gave me was
to read

As education lightens my life
I shall read
until my eyes bleed


Grow to become old
Grow for the world
is ready for the young child

To grow is to understand to be found
To have knowledge
To grow is to make mistakes
and to learn from them
To grow is to move from confusion
to light

Grow to known that life
is sharper than a knife
as we kiss our dream
to dance the change
in our hands


A child is the light
of the nation
a confused person
smaller in age
brave by heart

Child who lives
in the wild
is blind by influence
of his time

I m a change
the power rests in my hands
I am the dreams in my head
I am the child who loves education

A child is nothing
but a child
full questions and love
A brave child could never
go to the grave soon
but shall live the years
of the promised land


So what if I was blind?
So would I feel or smell
the colour of a person
or their clothes? So?

So what if I was deaf?
So would I hear or
recognize what the person
was saying? So?

So what if I was a man?
So would I be the person I am now?
So would my actions be different
to the ones I do now?
So would my mind think
the way it does today? So?


Outside there is a space
where the living dwells
from the fowl of the sky
to the serpent of the land.

Outside not inside
a sphere over which one
does not have control

Joy can be found where
things interact. Destiny
is found outside where
Pride is everyone’s ride

Death is encountered outside
Outside is dark and bright
Cold and not

Outside is where I marry
the dreams of my interest
and where I am cooked

Opportunities and tragedies
are ready for you and me outside
Out there mines are mined
Sweat and work
Seriousness and laziness
Jealousy and love

Outside is where we shall meet

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