Wednesday, August 4, 2010

dear mzanzi...

dear mzanzi...

thank you.

thank you for mountains, for ocean, for endless sunshine, sand, and beach.

thank you for the eastern cape, the garden route, and of course, the mother city.

thank you for kirstenbosch, for franschhoek, for stellenbosch and kalk bay.

thank you for four seasons in one day.

thank you for cheesefest, for bastille day and world cup.

thank you for hues of green, for skies of blue, yellow, orange, pink, purple, red, for cloud masterpieces that never fail to amaze.

thank you for 31 bowden, for tenzing, for sunday recovery in the courtyard and the best housemates anyone could ever ask for.

thank you for sundowners, sunrises, and every part of day and night in between.

thank you for sea point promenade, waves crashing on the shore, and walks to clear the head.

thank you for mind-blowing meals, world-class wine, palate-pleasing beer, mouth-watering fruit, and desserts that even a salt tooth could love.

thank you for the market, bloody marys, and lazy saturdays in the sun.

thank you for being a photographers dream.

thank you for prince william, who has brought so much delight to all our lives.

thank you for the mildest winters I have ever known.

thank you for oysters.. for oysters…for oysters..

thank you for late night dance parties and kick ass homegrown music.

thank you for my friends, my wonderful brilliant diverse hilarious witty gorgeous supportive deliciously fun friends.

thank you for my students, for their strength, their beauty, their voices, their laughter, their endless talent and inspiration.

thank you for affording me two and a half years of eye-opening and horizon-broadening experiences like no other, for humbling me, for teaching me about myself, for showing me how much more I have to learn.

and most of all, thank you – thank you so very very much – for reminding me of my blessed privilege, every single day.

until we meet again kaapstad…ndisafunda.

                                                                       - august 4, 2010


paul said...

inspiring and beautiful!!

paul said...

beautiful and inspiring
we sahould absorb every second of this beautiful life in this way

Anonymous said...

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