Friday, February 8, 2008

riding in cars with teachers.

its been a minute since my last post but that sure hasn't stopped my mind from constantly churning and thinking of things that i want to transcribe...


my transport to and from school is still being worked out, so for the past two weeks i have been getting a ride with three other teachers, two of whom live close by in obs. while this is indeed great in the morning, the end of day not so much because of being reliant on the drivers' schedule, and therefore at times i have been at school for hours after i need to be because the car isin't here to take us back. am working on getting this issue resolved asap. and by 'getting this issue resoloved', i mean 'learning how to drive stick on the left and buy a car'.

that said,

riding with these teachers over the past couple of weeks has afforded me a true cultural experience. whether its in the morning, when for the most part we ride in silence aside from the xhosa gospel music blasting from the speakers, which at times the teacher who sits next to me sings along to while waving her hands in the air praising jesus (for serious), or the detours we take on the way home to drop off one or two of the additional people we have crammed into the small little hatchback, one of whom is often the brother who tells me over and over again that his parents want him to marry a white girl and he has noticed that im not wearing a wedding ring :), while we laugh and joke and they make fun (in the nicest possible way) of my attempts at speaking their language and we drive through parts of townships that offer me a glimpse into a side of cape town that i would not otherwise been privy to.

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