Tuesday, February 12, 2008

where the beautiful people play..

Weekend before last was the beginning of a 10-day excursion to the Cape Town that I had not yet experienced. On the Friday, my new Swedish friend F took me out with a bunch of her friends. This was the same night that Cape Town was hit with a city-wide blackout. Just as I stepped out of the shower, the entire house went dark. As I had been listening to music off of my laptop it didn’t change the sound in the air, and I had to laugh as Lauryn Hill told me to turn the lights down low while I stumbled about in the darkness trying to find candles.

Soon after the lights went out F called me to let me know that a friend of hers (S) would be picking me up because it was safer than taking a cab and not to worry because there was still power in Camps Bay.

Camps Bay. The prime real estate strip of beach-front property that is home to some of the most expensive houses and businesses in the city. Where the rich and fabulous go to play. Of course they still had electricity.

S picks me up in his 700 series BMW, and we’re off. Cruising along the darkened streets was quite eerie. Even in the downtown core – no lights. A city that normally at 10pm on a Friday night in the summer would be alive with energy was asleep.

On the car ride, S was asking me how I knew F, so I told him the story of how we had met on a winery tour. I returned the question and he told me that they had met a few years ago, and that within a couple hours of knowing her he had invited her to a Pavarotti concert that happened to be in Joburg but no worries about the fact that they were in Cape Town because they could take his private jet. Um hm. F. had declined his offer, by the way.

The darkness followed us until we rounded the mountain and reached Camps Bay where the main drag was lit up and party revelers lined the streets. Swept up the stairs to the new ‘it’ spot Karma (http://www.playgroundsa.co.za/karma.htm), and the party was on. S had reserved a private room and all that it entailed for F and her crew, although once I met up with them we opted to stay on the balcony with the rest of the party rather than shut ourselves off from the vibe of this club that was going off.

Great times were had by all, until 2:30 when the lights at the club went out as well. ½ an hour later we were on our way to F and D’s condo on Long street for sleep with a detour for Boerewors, the Capetonian Sausage roll equivalent of street meat. De-lish.

Their condo is amazing, with a sweeping view of the mountain. Have no idea how much they paid for it, although I can imagine it wasn’t cheap. Like I said, a side of Cape Town I had yet to see. Tea and chats and bed and sleep. A stellar night all around.

The next night was one of my housemates’ last nights in Cape Town as he was moving back to Germany, so the lot of us went out for dinner at Greek and dancing at The Waiting Room (http://www.waitingroombar.blogspot.com/), this amazing and one of my new favorite spots in town. Split-level with rooftop patio, lots of couches and tapestries and lamps with red lights everywhere, the vibe starts out chill but ups significantly as the night goes on. Obviously we slash I was the first one on the dance floor but before long it was a serious dance party. The mix of djs played an eclectic mashup of some of the best of the best and we danced until our feet cried out no more.

Bright and early-ish the next day, my friends ST and JDV from Toronto who were in town for a conference picked me up from home and we began our day of fun. First stop on our journey was the villa that STs company had rented for her and her colleagues for the week. Uh, yea. A villa in Camps Bay. On the mountain. It was about as amazing and luxurious as one would imagine it to be. Amazing with a massive view of the ocean and mountains. Crazy.

Lounging by the pool gave way to meeting up with some others who were in town for the conference which later gave way to dinner at Parangas (www.paranga.co.za) in Camps Bay which is a delicious seafood spot overlooking the beach. Suffice to say that good times were had by all and getting up for work the next day was somewhat of a struggle. Moving on.

The rest of the week passed quickly as ST and the rest of the crew spent the evenings taking in the beauty of Cape Town, with me being the fortunate tagalong that got to enjoy it all with them.

On Thursday we had dinner at the Codfather (http://www.dining-out.co.za/member_details-MemberID-1054.html), another amazing seafood restaurant in Camps Bay, followed by drinks and dancing at Ignite. Friday Alexandra slept 13 much-needed hours. Saturday found JDV and Alexandra cruising around Stellenbosch and Franschoek taking in a few winery tours, followed by the MOST amazing dinner at Beluga (http://www.restaurants.co.za/details.asp?resId=3194) in Green Point, and later meeting up with some of JDVs clients for drinks at Karma.

Sunday it rained for the first time since I’ve been here which turned the city into a muggy sauna, while my whirlwind week of luxury and good times in the other side of Cape Town came to a steamy and humid end.

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