Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Every man is an enemy, every animal is a friend.

New timetables came out today, although my Life Orientation class won’t start until Monday. I have a few large gaps on a couple days which will be great for doing prep, marking, and helping out with the IT classes. And writing. As I am doing right now.

Continued on with Animal Farm today in class, and after a brief recap on what was discussed in yesterdays class, it seems as though they were able to retain at least some of it, which is good. When we reached the point where Old Major introduces the song ‘Beats of England’ to the animals, I told them we would read it as a class. They agreed. After the first two lines, I stopped and they continued.

Hearing them read together as a class, which perhaps under different circumstances might not seem a big deal, caused me to smile ever so widely. For those moments, as I looked around the class and saw that every one – every single one of them, even those who are too shy to read outloud – was reading along, I felt indescribably happy, and filled with hope for what can hopefully be accomplished with them over my time here.

This novel also introduced them to the word ‘comrade’, which we discussed at length. Have decided that I will now greet them in the morning as such. We shall see how this plays out.

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