Wednesday, January 30, 2008

oh. my. gosh.

Returned home from school today 2 hours later than normal. Because I am reliant on other teachers for rides home, my schedule pretty much relies on theirs. After about an hour of waiting around and texting my housemates that I need to buy a car STAT, P., (head of the English department and choir master), asked me if I would like to come hear the choir sing. Bingo!

When I say.


No. there are very few words.

Never before in my life have I wanted to cry when I have heard someone or someones sing. But for serious. For. Serious. Tears in my eyes. Arm hair on end. Mouth agape. It was like nothing ive ever heard before. This group of teenagers. With their little young faces and wide eyes. And then…these voices! These big, huge, incredible, stirring, voices. I can’t even begin to describe it. Overwhelming.

They will be recording a cd soon and you gosh-darned better believe I will figure out a way for you to hear them sing. Am still in shock. And when they had finished the first song, P. looked over at me with this look on his face like he just knew. He saw my face and broke into a huge smile. Such pride he must feel. Incredible.

Apparently they have entered numerous choir competitions all over the Western Cape, where they are the youngest choir there, and yet they have won every single one. ‘Magine? One of the other teachers was telling me that at one of the competitions one of the choir leaders from one of the other schools came up to P. after they had finished singing and told him that they had never wanted to cry when they heard a choir sing until today. Uh, yea. I feel you brother.

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