Tuesday, January 8, 2008

In transit...

8 hours later, sitting in the mccafe of Frankfurt airport, drinking not the best but certainly not the worst cappuccino ive ever had, especially considering it came from mcdicks..

Beyonce then shakira then nelly, all circa 2005 fill the air through the stereo… The window of the lounge looks over the tarmac…planes coming and going every minute…cars…trucks..buses..zipping about. Such a hub of international travel this airport.

the gay couple beind me are speaking german and eating ries..the young French couple with two small children to my left look tired. In front of me auntie anne struggles to sleep, exhausted after being unable to catch any shut eye on our flight over here. the finger of the gate to my right is attached to a massive air India jumbo jet, sandwiched between its air china and Lufthansa counterparts.

And the cars continue to zip around and around and around and...

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