Thursday, January 31, 2008


a horrible thing this morning...on the way in, driving with a few of the other teachers we see some police cars and a crowd up ahead on the side of the road. there has been an accident. without thinking, as we pass we turn to look and see a body on the ground...he was dressed in a school uniform and couldnt have been more than 14. there was blood everywhere...all over his face and body..on the road...his eyes were closed. he did not look like he was breathing. it was awful. so so sad. apparently that stretch of road is notorious for accidents and there is supposed to be a bridge for students to cross. the school to which his uniform corresponded was not far, and as we continued on we saw what looked to be half the student body pressed up against the fence watching, trying to see what was going on. when we got to school one of the other teachers mentioned that she had passed through there about 45 minutes prior and seen the same thing. which meant that the boy had been lying there for that long and no one had even had bothered to put a sheet over him. and not one paramedic or ambulance on the scene. so so sad. ive never seen anything like that. a young life cut short in the blink of an eye. so tragic.

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