Sunday, January 27, 2008

Time to say goodbye...

For Auntie Anne’s last two days, we busied ourselves doing a random assortment of things, and enjoying our remaining time together. Has truly been a blessing having her here for these two and a half weeks. Cannot imagine having made this transition without her, and the adventures we shared in the time leading up to the start of school and even now have been wonderful. On Saturday night we went for dinner with one of my housemates Catherine at a local spot called Café Ganesh. Definitely one of my new favorite places, with an eclectic décor, open concept kitchen, and live music at the front. The wall behind our table was covered in matchbox paper, and water was served in a washed out Jack Daniels bottle. Loves it. Dinner was delicious and homey, and 3 mains, a dessert and two bottles of wine came to just over $40 cdn. For serious.

Sunday was a sad day, and after having to be rescued by one of Merrits friends due to her car breaking down en route to the airport, I gave auntie Anne one million hugs and she was on her way.

Back at home, truly on my own since I first touched down in Africa, my housemates and I sat together for the better part of 2 hours and bonded over bottles of wine, baked goods and of course, boys. How fortunate we all are that our living arrangement has worked out as well as it has is not lost on any of us, and am looking forward to getting to know the both of them even more over the next while.

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